Reclaimed rubber powder

- Introduction of product information: Dai Viet’s rubber powder meets technical requirements such as: evenly fine particles as required by customers, 100% guarantee to completely eliminate impurities such as cotton thread, black metal, humidity always below 0.5%. Affordable price (According to the survey results on the market, the price of Dai Viet Company is the lowest in the market, with superior quality compared to other similar available). Customers will save costs and operating costs of production and business.

- Applications: Manufacturing tires, running tracks, artificial grass football fields, floor pads, etc.

Technical data:

Num Name indicator Unit Result
1  Size Mesh 24 ÷ 40
2  Impurity content % 0,8
3  Humidity % 0,5
4  Black metal content % 0,005
5  Proportion G/cm3 0,38